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Magimix Compact 3200 Chrome + Blendermix

Magimix Compact 3200 Chrome + Blendermix

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Product Overview

Special features for special food.

Magimix 3200 compact is ideal for the average family and comes with an integrated mini processor midi bowl and larger 2.6 litre shatterproof main Polycarbonate bowl.

Magimix 3200 Chrome finish is ideal for old houses or bright coloured kitchens as this mirrors the colours that are adjacent this food processor is ideal for 3-4 people. This ergonomic machine is delivered with a main bowl with handle (2.6 litres) midi bowl (2.2 litres) for vegetable preparation and a mini bowl (1.2 litres) with a separate stainless steel mini blade for processing small amounts attachments include a 2mm stainless steel Reversible Slicing-Grating disc for fine slicing cucumber and grating a popular Reversible 4mm Slicing and Grating Disc for medium slicing or grating cheese also a Parmesan Disc for grating hard cheese and chocolate  the Magimix dough blade is perfect for Homemade bread an egg whisk for fluffy meringues and whipped cream and the main S blade made of Sabatier steel  is for purees chopping liquidizing and many other jobs.The Magimix cuisine 3200 also includes a storage box for keeping blades and discs safe 104 page instruction and recipe book. The Magimix 650w induced Motor is guaranteed for 12 years and all parts for 3 years for normal domestic use not even car companies give this kind of warranty. There is no Commercial warranty with this product. Product Dimensions Height – 360 mm Length - 190 mm Depth – 255 mm

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