Benefits of Coal Bunkers

If you are considering an alternative source of energy for your home, perhaps coal energy is right for you. Coal energy is easily accessibly to most people around the world; in fact, coal is one of the most accessible fuel sources available. In many countries, political unrest makes it difficult to use other energy sources, so coal is often considered the fuel source of choice. Coal is also a reliable source of energy and with coal you do not need to worry about power outages preventing you from heating your home. Many people choose to use coal as an additional fuel source for their homes, and as such, have peace of mind knowing that they will have energy, even in times of emergency. There are many advantages to using coal energy in your home. However, have you ever considered how you would store the coal you use? Fortunately, there is an easy and convenient way to store coal directly on your property. Coal bunkers make it possible for you to have your fuel source right at your fingertips, making it more accessible than ever. Learning more about bunkers will help you determine if this type of storage is right for you.

The major benefit of having coal bunkers on your property is that they provide you with a place to store your coal. Coal can be messy so you don’t want others—such as children or pets—stumbling onto it and playing with it. Also, you want to keep your coal covered and protected. Bunkers provide you a way to store your coal in one place and keep it covered at the same time.

Another benefit of bunkers is that they can be used to store either coal or wood. Should you decide that coal is not the right type of fuel source for your home, you can still use a coal bunker to store wood for your fireplace. A coal bunker does not necessarily need to hold coal; it can also hold wood, making it versatile and convenient, regardless of your choice of alternative fuel.

Some coal bunkers are designed to be aesthetically appealing and blend in with your property, making them look inconspicuous and generally unnoticeable. If you are like many people, you may not want to draw attention to a large bulky storage bin. However, many bunkers come in appealing colours that make them blend into the background and are sleek in their design and appearance.

Another benefit to these bunkers is that they are designed to be easy to use by consumers. As such, some bunkers are accessible both from the top of the bunker as well as from the bottom. This makes them more appealing to consumers, as they are designed for their convenience.

Advantages of using Coal

As an energy source coal is regarded as an old and outdated method. What most people don’t know is that coal is still the most abundant energy source available today. It is a widely used energy source throughout the world and since the year 2000 its usage steadily increased over any other energy source. Almost half of the electricity used in America is generated by coal, a regular trend by people using coal is to buy it in bulk and then store it at their homes using storage units known as coal bunkers.

One of the main reasons for using coal as an energy source is that it is abundant and therefore it is inexpensive when compared with other energy sources. Recent estimates revealed that there 930 billion tons of recoverable coal reserves throughout the world and presuming there are no more coal discoveries, this should last for at least 137 years. China is the worlds leading producer of coal followed by the United States and India. These three countries combined account for 68% of the world’s current coal production. Many countries have found that they do not have sufficient amounts of energy sources within their own borders so energy sources have to be imported. Coal is the most cost effective energy source that can be imported as it is easily transported, abundant and inexpensive. Large coal bunkers can be filled and loaded on to trains and boats ready to be easily transported all over the world.

Another advantage of using coal as an energy source is that it is very easily used. It does not require the expensive cost and labour required with the refining process that oil and natural gas must go through before it can be used. Coal is a solid source by nature which makes it easier and safer to transport. Coal can be easily stored at the home and available in a time of need. Coal can be purchased cheaply in large quantities and stored neatly and safely using coal bunkers for quick and easy use. Coal also has many uses, it can be used on an open fire to heat a home or it can provide energy for thousands when used with a turbine. Coal based power is not dependant on weather and therefore has an advantage over renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power and the electricity provided by coal is very reliable.

Although there are many advantages of using coal it is also said that there are many disadvantages as well. One of the main causes for concern when using coal is the impact that it has on the environment. It is said that coal mining cause’s water pollution, soil erosion, dust and can lead do global warming.

A New Weatherproof Coal Bunker

Storage is often one of the most pressing issues on the minds of home-owners.  Even the most careful of consumers can end up with a house full of things that need to be put in their place.  Thankfully there are a lot of storage options that can be used to store virtually anything you need kept safe and secure.  Books can be put on bookshelves, valuables in safes, and coal can be placed inside convenient coal bunkers.  These bunkers are the perfect spaces for any amount of coal that you need stored.

People who rely on natural gas, propane, or electricity to heat their house sometimes forget that no everyone uses the same kind of power source.  There are actually many thousands of people who still use coal every day of the year.  This dependable form of energy is used to power electrical plants as well as to heat family homes.  There’s clearly a reason why this energy source has remained so popular.  Simply put, coal is reasonably priced, burns dependably, and requires only a minimum of upkeep once the burning has started.  For these reasons and many more, coal continues to be one of the preferred methods of heat generation for countless homes.

Each home that relies on a steady supply of coal for year-round heating needs will need a number of solidly built coal bunkers to keep their fuel supply in.  While metal bunkers were popular in the past, it was eventually discovered that outdoor conditions caused these bunkers to gradually corrode.  For this reason, modern bunkers are made of durable vinyl compounds that can withstand heat and cold, so you can be sure that your fuel supply will be kept dry and ready for use no matter what the weather throws at you.  Additionally, all bunkers have been rigorously tested and are in complete compliance with the current weatherproofing standards set by the European Union.  Even better, thanks to the dynamic shape and different sizes these bunkers can be purchased in, you can also keep wood logs in them.  They can be opened from the top or bottom, so you don’t have to struggle to reach the coal that settled near the ground.  You deserve to have a steady and reliable source of fuel no matter whether you own a coal or wood burning heater.

Another great thing to love about a contemporary coal bunker is that it will be delivered to your house fully assembled.  You won’t have to waste any time trying putting your new bunker together before loading it with the fuel of your choice.  All of the hard work is all done for you!  Now you are ready to put your brand new coal bunkers to use.

Store Inflammable Materials Safely

Coal bunkers help solve one of a home-owners most important problems: where to store materials that are relatively easy to ignite.  This can be a formidable problem and one that many home-owners may not give enough priority.  For instance, did you know that an open can of motor oil can ignite spontaneously?  This is not an uncommon source of many house fires.  Yet home-owners store all sorts of questionable materials in their garages: cans of gasoline, barbecue igniter liquid, tiki torch fuel, and perhaps the biggest fire hazard: an open container of oily rags.

Fuels for open fires have also been a problem.  In decades past, coal used to be stored in the basement in a pile on the floor.  The coal dust being generated whenever the pile was disturbed in particular was a problem.  To understand why, ask yourself what burns faster, paper or a log?  They are the same material and yet the paper burns much faster because it exposes more surface area for the same volume.  Coal dust has some of the highest surface area per volume, and in the right circumstances can burn so fast that it actually explodes.  The dust itself is also a health hazard to anyone who happens to breathe it in.  Nowadays, coal is more often stored outside, but the same hazards persist.  Although most homes don’t use coal for fuel, many home-owners store coal briquettes for their barbecues.  The same problem applies.  A more common and serious problem is when home-owners make their own supply of firewood by cutting down trees on their property, and then stacking the wood against their house.  As the wood dries, it can ignite very easily.  This scenario is a common source of house fires.  Even worse are home-owners that store cuttings and thin branches in the same way.  With their higher surface area per volume, they are even more likely to catch fire.  The solution for the proper storage of these inflammable materials is a coal bunker.

Coal bunkers are made to safely store materials that would otherwise cause a serious fire hazard.  Modern coal bunkers are design of light plastic, and manufactured to be very easy to both load and unload fuel.  One of their best features is that they protect children from the hazards of an open pile of fuel.  Loading and unloading doors can be locked to secure the fuel from tampering or unwanted use.  A common size for a coal bunker is about the volume of two trash bins, which is perfect for the home-owner that uses an occasional open fire.

The Benefits of Coal Bunkers


Coal bunkers are ideal for storage of all types of fuel.  They are designed for safety, as well as utility and aesthetics. Any home-owner that regularly uses an open fire would do well to consider purchasing a coal bunker.

Modern coal bunkers are made from high-strength plastic.  This has all of the durability and protection of a steel bunker at a fraction of the weight and cost.  The plastic bunkers can be used to replace unsightly or worn out steel bunkers or to provide a storage container for fuels that have been previously stored in a pile.

Perhaps the most important use of a coal bunker is safety.  Besides storing coal, a coal bunker can also be used to store briquettes, turf, or wood.  Without the bunker, these inflammable objects would be sitting in the open.  Many home-owners put woodpiles directly near their homes.  As the wood dries out, it can form a fire hazard.  Putting this pile of flammable wood near the home is like putting a match head on a stick.  It is relatively easy to accidentally ignite a dry wood pile.  Each of the materials that are normally stored in a coal bunker is capable of self-ignition.  This is particularly true of small harvested branches and the dust from coal, each with a high surface area.  The high surface area gives a high burning area and a small spark can generate a large flame in seconds.  Coal dust in particular is so inflammable that in the right conditions, it can actually explode.  Procuring a coal bunker to store inflammable materials may be one of the best safety precautions you can take for your home.

Coal bunkers are designed for high utility.  They resemble a quarter piece of pie, and have the volume of approximately two trash bins.  They are made to sit flat and to set flat against a wall of the home, shed, or other structure.  From top to floor, it is curved for easy access.  The upper lid opens to allow for easy insertion of the coal or wood.  The lower door opens downwards to prevent dust from escaping the container.  A baffle in front of the lower door regulates the amount of material that can exit the bunker, and keeps the coal from falling out into an uncontrolled pile.  Each of the two doors can be locked and the entire unit is designed to be safe in the presence of children.  The coal bunker is manufactured to be extremely durable and does not require any maintenance.  A coal bunker may be one of the most useful safety purchases that you make for your home.

Coal Bunkers Help You Store Solid Fuels

 Coal bunkers are the perfect solution to all of your storage needs for solid fuels.  You can use bunkers to store coal or logs that you will use for your fire.  Bunkers can be stored either outside or inside and they come in several shapes and sizes and can be made from durable heavy plastic or galvanized steel or in the old days they were also made from cement.  Bunkers are perfect for storing large amounts of coal and because they can come in larger sizes, you can stock up on coal for the winter.  You may even want to have a large coal bunker for your garage and then a smaller one inside that you can restock as needed. 

Coal bunkers help you to keep your coal dry and safe from the elements.  There are also nice because you can leave the mess and dust from the coal in one place and not have it on your carpet or flooring.  The newer plastic coal bunkers are becoming very popular because they are made of UV resistant polythene that will not be affected by the sunlight.   They will not corrode or rust and last for years through the elements if they are stored outside.  They colour on the bunkers for coal will not fade and will look as good as the day you bought it for years to come.   

Bunkers for coal are sturdy and durable and plastic bunkers come in a couple different colours, generally these are black or a dark green.  They are also designed so that you can open them from the top or bottom and come with deflectors to help prevent the coal from building up in the opening. 

With the invention of gas fires, coal has not been used as frequently, but there are still several places that offer coal bunker products for sale. You can ask at your local fire place establishment or you can also look online for several vendors that sell bunkers for coal.   

Many stores that offer bunkers for coal also offer a number of other products for your fireplace.  You can purchase fire guards, tools for keeping your fireplace tidy and neat as well as tools for poking and prodding your fire.  It is so nice to have a toasty fire to warm your home during the winter months and you can save a lot of money by heating your home with either coal or wood.  It is also nice to not have to be dependent on gas or electricity and it save your pocket book from having to pay those high heating bills in the winter. 


The Best Way to Build Coal Bunkers


When it comes to storing your coal in a safe and controlled way, coal bunkers are the preferred professional method. These compact buildings give you a place to keep your coal so that it stays together and safe all year long. No matter how much coal you need to store or how much space you have to store it on, there are countless options for you to choose from that will also fit within your budget.

The most classic and popular kind of coal bunkers are the shed style. These act and look much like a small detached tool shed. They have stand alone doors and can even be locked without any hassle. These bunkers give you a secure and dry place to store your coal in a convenient location without having to bring it inside. You will be able to use buckets or a wheel barrow to easily transport coal from the storage shed to wherever you need it in the building, and you’ll love how easy it is to have coal dropped off by trucks to your shed bunker.

Another popular type of coal bunker that is selling more and more each day is the new plastic style. These come in a massive selection of sizes and style to suit every need, and since they are made from durable plastic you know they are weather resistant and strong. Many people choose the plastic versions simply because they come in smaller sizes and can be stores just about anywhere. In addition, you can find them in colours and texture to match any landscaping scheme you might be trying to work with. These plastic types typically open from the top, although some styles can be found that use front doors. No matter which style you choose, you’ll find plastic coal bunkers to be a great alternative to traditional wood styles, and you’ll really appreciate how durable and strong they are.

Metal bunkers are another popular type of coal containment solution that many individuals and businesses turn to every day. Metal is known for being a tough material, so these are great options in areas where the bunker will get a lot of use, or where it may be in high traffic areas. A metal coal storage shed is easy to maintain, and most of them cone in varieties of steel that fight rust and stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

Right now is a great time to be learning more about the many styles of bunkers available on the market today, and to decide which coal storage solution is best for your needs. Whether you just use and store a small amount of coal throughout the year, or have it delivered in high quantity every month, there are many great ways for you to store, organize, and protect it without making a huge investment.

What you may want to know about Coal Bunkers

There is a lot of concern these days about emergency preparedness and things related to this subject.  Rightfully so, people are worried about being prepared and ready in case there is a problem in their area such as a natural disaster or something of that nature or any other problem that may cause them to be without electricity and fuel.  There seem to be more and more natural disasters and things of that sort in our world now days so it is always a fine idea to be ready just in case anything like this does happen.  If you were to have an issue in your community or region of the country where you didn’t have electricity or natural gas you may find yourself in a bind for keeping you and your family warm if the weather is colder.  In the case of this type of event, you may also find that you are in trouble as far as cooking food for your family.

There are more and more people in our country who are storing supplies of food and water just in case there is a disaster or emergency of some sort.  What some of them may be forgetting is that if there is some sort of catastrophe, especially on a large scale and of major proportion, they may not have any way to cook that food they have stored.  This could obviously pose a serious problem.  For this reason, many people are starting to think about storing coal or wood so that if the need arises they can warm themselves and their family and they can also cook food for them.  This can be a very important element that many people are not prepared for when they consider their readiness for disaster.

Coal bunkers are a great thing to check into if you want to store coal or wood for your emergency plan.  You may not be familiar with what coal bunkers are, but they are basically a storage container that can hold and safely store coal or wood for you.  They are of benefit because they can be stored outside and protect your fuel source from the elements and the weather related things that are going on.  There are different materials that these bunkers are made of.  Probably the most common and most popular type of coal bunkers now days are the plastic type.  With the technology and the high grades plastics available today the plastic used for the bunkers is very durable and can protect your coal or wood quite well.

How Do Coal Bunkers Work?

When you are in the market for something that can store coal, wood, or other fuel sources you may want to check into purchasing a high quality coal bunker.  You may not have heard of this type of bunker before, but it is actually a very good thing to know about.  These bunkers can store large amounts of coal or other fuel sources for you to be able to withstand extended periods of cold weather independent of the stores or other suppliers that would supply you with the fuel source.  This can be indispensable when it comes to an emergency situation.  There are many different materials that the bunkers are made of these days.  Each has its own advantages.

A coal bunker is something that is like a large box of sorts that can hold a large amount of coal for you and keep it dry and clean.  It is also a clean and orderly way to store your coal or wood away from the house where it could pose a potential fire hazard of some sort.  This coal bunker may be made of cement or metal of some sort.  The cement bunkers are heavy and not very easily movable.  The metal type can rust and look unsightly and may not be the best bet either.  There are also bunkers of this sort to store your coal and wood that are made of galvanized steel.  This type of material is actually a good choice since it doesn’t rust and comes with a sturdy base.

Some of the galvanized coal bunkers come in a self build kit that is actually easy to assemble with the included instructions.  This can be a good option so you don’t have to pay so much for shipping a large container that would take up lots and lots of space.  Another type of coal storage container that works very well is the new plastic type.  The plastic is high grade made with UV resistance so that they stay looking nice and don’t fade so easily.  These bunkers are also recyclable.  The plastic bunkers are high performance material that actually holds up quite well.  The lightweight material of this type makes it a great choice since it is easy to move around when not loaded with coal or wood.

Both the galvanized metal and the plastic type bunkers are a good choice.  They are safe and hold up well and are strong and durable.  The locking pins can often be replaced with locks of some sort if that is needed or desired by the owner.

The Benefits of Coal Bunkers

You may realize how fast coal and fire wood goes during the cold seasons of the year. If you store your materials loosely then you may only be able to purchase a small amount each time, which can be costly. You will be able to save much more money by getting coal bunkers to store your supplies. There are several ways a bunker may help save you costs and simplify your life.

When you purchase a bunker to store your coal and fire wood, you can expect to be able to store more at one time. You will have fewer trips to the store when it’s freezing outside, which can help you stay more comfortable this year. You can have more supplies on hand when you need them without worrying about running out at the most inconvenient time as well.

Safely storing your heating supplies in coal bunkers can ease your mind, as they will be kept safe and dry away from the elements. You may have experienced having to leave your fire wood out in the rain, only to have all of it ruined and not able to use later on. You won’t have that worry any longer once you use a coal bunker for safe-keeping of your supplies. Both coal and fire wood can both be stored safely away from any harsh conditions in bunkers.

Durability is an important factor for storage solutions. When you have a way of storing your heating supplies, you also want to know that you will be able to use it for many years without having to maintain and replace it at some point. You can eliminate this worry when you purchase a coal bunker, as they are virtually maintenance free. You won’t have to paint or see faded materials because they are meant to last several decades without problems. They also allow for better security of your heating supplies, as many have locks available to install.

You will also be allowed to buy more heating supplies at one time when you purchase coal bunkers to store them within. Many retailers will offer discounts to people that buy more wood and coal at one time, so you will end up with more supplies at a discount. You will be able to purchase your supplies for the entire winter beforehand, which can mean the retailer won’t be running low because of the high demand. You should find the durability, safety, and protection you need for all of your heating supplies when you get a bunker to stow them away in.